Here is a long essay on who I am. For the smaller version, you can see my Gravatar profile (better read the smaller version… 😛 this one seems endless even to me!)

Well, its up to you to consider my smile as gentle or not but at least my name (Mridusmita) states it-Gentle Smile 🙂 . Though, I was once told that I rather have a dangerous laugh, haha…I agree!! Guess who said it? She was a teacher with a “sweet smile” – Mrs. Madhusmita.  Her name has the same meaning as mine.

I’ve offcourse crossed enough years to know myself completely….but I still do not know myself! I’m still not sure about my likes dislikes or what defines me the best. therefore I remain confused most of the times! At times you may find me the most rational person alive, with a pure “HUMAN BEING” mind set. The very next moment you may find me day dreaming, writing poems or singing like a  lover. Then I’ll have that “BEING HUMAN” approach towards life- helping and crying for the poor, needy and even animals. At this moment , I must tell you that I am not an animal lover. At least, I can’t treat them like human beings because I feel that animals will remain animals. They can never be promoted to the ranks of a human being. (Animal lovers and people with pets, I apologise!)

Moving on…about myself…well I’m a very blunt person with a pinch of diplomacy (0.01%, if that counts even 😛 ). People hate me for that! I’m one of those persons who easily….very often get misunderstood and that makes life difficult 😦

I’m a bit self obsessed, though I myself hate self obsessed people (and therefore its one of the reasons why I hate myself!) I’m constantly engaged in doing research on myself. So my favourite hobby is to know myself better.

I’m a religious person but in a practical way (what’s that?). That means I just believe in a single supernatural force which is made up of two parts-positive (which is we worship…as GOD) and negative (which is known to be the DEVIL…GHOSTS and all you see….don’t know much about it). I do not worship it, just believe that it is there and keep myself good. I don’t “pray” him but “talk” with him. I write poems on him and that’s how I communicate with my god.

I love talking to strangers (if the stranger isn’t weirdly strange 😛 ) . That would make you feel that I’m an extrovert. But I’m extremely introvert when it comes to dancing…

I’m a music lover. Music runs in my blood. Though I’m two years trained in Indian vocal classical music, I don’t believe that one needs to  be a singer or an instrumentalist to love music. Since I’m a thinker, I love subjects like philosophy, physics and psychology. I’ve always tried to relate physics with philosophy. Mystery interests me….and that is what makes me do that.

I’m a feminist and can argue on it till death.

I’m emotionally attached to my things, very possessive and preserve even petty as soveniers.

  • Favourite colour: YELLOW (but its tough to wear yellow)
  • Greatest inspiration: PAPA (father)
  • Weakness: CAN’T TRUST PEOPLE…
  • Thing I hate the most: SPORTS (I’ve tried to love it many times….but can’t help hating it)

Last but not the least, I’m proud to be a left handed Indian (doesn’t make any sense?) .

Overall, my life is an open book, though I try to “close it up” (ironic? :P) but I can’t and never be able to do that…because I’m what I am….can’t change!

Nice to meet you. Hope that you will like knowing much more about me and my world 🙂


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