Love me

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Don’t love me because you hate her.

Love me like you would have done if you would’ve met me before her.

Love me only that much that I deserve to be. Not a way far more than that only because she left.

People leave and new ones enter into our lives, not necessarily to replace them but to acquire a new place in our hearts.

Understand that she and me are different persons.

Love me the way I would like to be loved, not the way you did to her.

And I will love you the way which I feel will keep you happy.

I won’t follow her footsteps.



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I believe I can fly and the day I start, I will not stop.

My wings are black, the colour of the bold. And why not, when they tell me to be fearless?
They help me roam valiantly, carefree about the highly opinionated society.
They give me confidence,
And tell me to be brave and not be afraid of obstacles.

I’m bright, full of colours.
I am a beauty.
These colours give me hope.
They tell me to be as happy outside as I am inside.
They inspire me to be as beautiful in heart as I’m on face.
They encourage me to spread my colours throughout the world…
For my happiness is infectious and colour, diffusible.

Her dream keeper

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Her insecurities were far beyond his wildest imagination but he chose to stay; not to protect her from what she was afraid of, but to make her strong enough to face them.

He is wiser and worldlier.
So he guides her through the thorny way she walks on. He tells her to feel the wound caused by each piece of gravel, for, they would only sculpt her mind and body stronger and form memories worth remembering.
She is a dreamer.
She looses herself everytime in chasing dreams that are near to impossible and running away from horrors that do not even exist.

Yet he stands by her side, making her to stand up everytime she falls, making her wild dreams look achievable and her horrors nonsensical.

Life is promising because she knows how to be satisfied, how to be unafraid of obstacles, unaffected by happiness or sorrow and see the real world yet be a child at heart and an artist in mind.

Albeit, there is something else that scares her now- what if the man who taught her follow her dreams becomes her dream one day?? What if she looses him while chasing her dreams?

It can happen again…

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Yet again!

She knew she was in love again. A kind of love which carried the experience yet the madness of her first love. Yes, it can happen again-in the same, similar or a different way, nevertheless a better way. But was it in anyway better?
It broke her, made her weak. It was making her someone she wasn’t, a different person. But most importantly, it was one sided. They underestimate one sided love even when it carries weapons that can rip either of the two persons off into pieces that cannot be stitched together. One becomes scared of love, the other becomes scared to love. It forces both of them to act like there’s nothing more to it…. nothing at all. When the reality is, they are ashamed. Ashamed of confessing, committing, holding on to the friendship they had and talking about it, because they know, things are already messed up! None of them is the person himself or herself. We pretend. Ashamed of something so beautiful.

“Stop this Chhaya! This is insanity. Will you ever learn a lesson?!?! I did. You must” he said.

“Why should I? Loving someone isn’t a mistake. LOVE IS NOT A MISTAKE…the person is. But I was sure you are not.” she woke up telling to herself.

How to be a soldier at heart

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To fight the evils inside and outside one’s body, to progress in heart, mind and soul and to help one’s peers, family and country to prosper is known as being a soldier at heart.

Not everyone is capable of being a soldier who fights for and protects the country being in the border or a battlefield, but each one of us can become a soldier at heart. Each one of us can promise to strive for the betterment of the system, society and ourselves.

Firstly, why is it important to be a soldier at heart?

Ours is a world that is constantly evolving in every field. Be it science, technology, religious or political ideas. It is because of a portion of the society that it is evolving-the thinkers, philosophers, visionaries. Constant change is a must or, the system rots. But at the same time there are forces that break this down. These forces aim at breaking down the advancement in the society-forces like terrorism. Admist the two positive and negative portions, remains the working force, that functions like automated machines in-spite of having human brains. This portion of the society is functioning just to survive. Is that enough for a life that you aren’t sure you are going to live again? Now imagine that this portion of people joins the positive force which in turn works towards demolishing the negative one. Wouldn’t the so called evolution process work faster? If Earth has to end in some million million years, why not die smarter, happier? If each one of us can become a soldier at heart, this world can become a better place to live in!

So, considering that most of us want to do something about it, where do we start? Let’s begin at the lowest level that is-ourselves.

I, me, myself are selfish words. But these are the most important ones. I am the one who knows myself the best, what I’m best at and what is best for me. I am the one who will be with myself each second from the moment of my birth till death. Rest are temporary and it is a harsh reality. If each person starts believing this, he/she will start caring for and improving oneself. He/she will realise how important it is to be progressive to have a fulfilling life. The person will improve upon his health, skills and career. Half work is done because in any case, that person has the tools to support himself/herself. When the same person will pour out his/her heart and soul towards the society, it will improve. So the first step is to love ourselves. We need to fight our insecurities in order to grow. We need to demolish our weaknesses and polish our strengths.

Second level is family. Cleansing one’s family of wrong ideas and activities is the key. We can’t think of opening up the mindset of the society we live in if our own family is narrow minded or lacks awareness. “Going against” one’s family to prove them that they are wrong is not the idea. It can never be. It is not an act of heroism either. It will only leave them thinking they raised a family member in vain, to loose him/her to wrong ideas. To face them, make them understand and convince them of our idea is the only acceptable thing one can do. Sometimes unawareness leads to nasty ideas. Demolish this evil first and move forward.

Zooming out to get a larger view, we look at our surroundings. Do I feel something is not right around me? Is the place where I live, study or work is not as I wanted it to be? I will fix it rather than ranting and whining about it. I’ll think about ways to improve it, make it better rather than wasting my time being depressed about it and complaining. It may take time, it may not happen in my time. It may happen years after I have stopped living, working or studying in that place, but if it happens, my successors, my juniors or people coming to that place after me will be benefitted. I should think about the future beings besides the people I know in the present. Not thinking about the people of the future is being selfish and soldiers at heart are not selfish.

Still larger picture shows us the world. I want to protect it. I want to keep it clean. I want to motivate the people here for good things, to grow. But why do I have to think about the world? I alone cannot change the world. Then why even try? Mother Teresa beautifully quoted an answer to this by extrapolating the same line in a positive way-

I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples

Sure if I only promise myself not to pollute my surroundings, and clean up the dirt which I can, the earth is not going to shine! But if I can inspire one or two people in my life to do the same, it will.

The small steps that we take today to make the world better in any way will lead us to create something big tomorrow!

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