Her dream keeper

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Her insecurities were far beyond his wildest imagination but he chose to stay; not to protect her from what she was afraid of, but to make her strong enough to face them.

He is wiser and worldlier.
So he guides her through the thorny way she walks on. He tells her to feel the wound caused by each piece of gravel, for, they would only sculpt her mind and body stronger and form memories worth remembering.
She is a dreamer.
She looses herself everytime in chasing dreams that are near to impossible and running away from horrors that do not even exist.

Yet he stands by her side, making her to stand up everytime she falls, making her wild dreams look achievable and her horrors nonsensical.

Life is promising because she knows how to be satisfied, how to be unafraid of obstacles, unaffected by happiness or sorrow and see the real world yet be a child at heart and an artist in mind.

Albeit, there is something else that scares her now- what if the man who taught her follow her dreams becomes her dream one day?? What if she looses him while chasing her dreams?


To know you…

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I would enter into the darkest of tunnels to know deepest of your desires and  secrets. I can climb up highest of the tombs and towers to understand the obscure fears that you bind within.

At night I stalk your shadows under the moon, and listen to your breath in profound silence. While the day blesses me with your lovely face and barnet so bonny that I yearn to touch.
I long to sit back and stare at you; look into your naive eyes and explore your heart,
I long for the day I would sit with you and sing to the chords of your piano’s hidden Mozart.

To know you completely is the enlightenment I seek.
To keep knowing you more is the life I want!