Feeling like a baby – unexplained dreams

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  • Floating like a balloon : I’m in a room, weightless and floating just as an astronaut does in space. I go up like a balloon horizontally facing downwards and as my back touches the ceiling, I rotate back and come down, just as a baby does inside the womb.
  • Through the canal : I’m struggling, my way out or in (I don’t really understand) a large pipe or a canal like structure. It isn’t stiff and hard but is fleshy as if you are being swallowed by an anaconda. It’s difficult to breathe and it seems that I’ll die of suffocation. I’m lying down and crawling, one or two other people following me. It is just like an army training  (in fact tougher!). I feel that the baby born normally would’ve had a similar experience during labour. Although no one obviously remembers how it was. But I don’t understand why I should have such a dream, because I was a caesarean baby.
  • Falling from a height : I’m on a roof and walking. Suddenly it ends and before I realise I reach its edge and almost fall off. The dream gets over there because just as I’m going to fall, I kick into the air in reality  ( again as a baby does inside the womb) and I’m awoken by the jerk of my own kick. This also happens when I dream of descending a staircase or anything involving body’s descending motion.