First of all-why weird book?

It is weird because it defines me. The best way to know a person is, according to me to read her/his diary.

*****off course you cant help it if she or he doesn’t keep one or keeps it “secret” 😛 That is obvious lol.

I’m stupid enough to disclose my diary to the public… My life is an open book!!*****

In the same way my diary knows me the best.

What am I? WEIRD

And so is this diary….

Does it contain weird stuff?

Yes it does. But if you analyse that weird thing, you’ll realise that it isn’t that strange. It’ll hold a deeper meaning. For example-

In any of my writings when I want to mean “he or she” I’ll write “she or he”. Yes I agree that it isn’t an act of “feminism” but its a  small step towards it. Why can’t I write “she or he” if its allowed to write “he or she”? I believe that for real equality between gender (no..not gender, “gender” is a biased word, I should say SEX, so, for the real equality between sex, we need to consider small things like saying “she or he” along with “he or she”.

Anyways, all of this holds a different ground to be preached and I guess this page is absolutely not the right place for it.

So, now we know why and how this book is WEIRD.

What about “Junk Knowledge” then?

Well, it contains stuff which may be useless to some. 😛

Or I should say, it contains-

Useless entertaining knowledge

[wait!! what is that?!??!!]

Anyhow, if you are a curious person…so curious that you enjoy reading other’s dairy (which by the way is a very bad habit!!)…this is the right place for you 😛

Welcome to my crazy world!!!

Enjoy reading my journal 🙂


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